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The operational solution

The solution that trains you and gets you up and running

whatever the terrain, by providing you with solutions

adapted to all your devices

Our start-up, specialized in language innovation since 2015, is transforming itself to offer you personalized content for every profile that follows you on your mobile.

Years of recognized expertise

Since 2015, our pedagogical programs and short courses have proved their worth with a large number of companies, and now they’re even closer to you.

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Our DNA and our offers

We offer a complete range of customized services for defense and safety/security professionals.

We put at your disposal :

Unique "à la carte" programs by business area

The assurance of recognized experience

Training to international standards

The linguistic solution for defense, safety and securit

In a world that no longer has borders, can you predict where the geopolitical threat will lead you to communicate tomorrow? Which allied partners will you need to cooperate with?

Compliance with operational constraints

Adaptability and confidentiality

Flexible planning and responsiveness

Unique expertise

Meet our team

Marc Lesseur

A former non-commissioned officer in a Special Forces combat company, he has operated in numerous theaters of war (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Rwanda). He has also held positions in operational training, providing him with a relevant organizational background for our customers. Thanks to his exceptional human qualities and recognized attention to detail, he is in charge of customers requiring confidentiality and high standards. He is also responsible for analyzing customer RETEX and managing our R&D results.

Elisabeth Joyeux

Co-founder and Pedagogical Director, she is responsible for creating the methods implemented by Elika Team and for pedagogical coordination. With a PHD in modern literature and a degree in applied pedagogy in French as a foreign language, she has 30 years' experience in foreign language training, which is now the strength of the methods she has created!

Olivier Ferrari

A former combat navigator on the Mirage 2000N, with over 3,500 flying hours, he holds numerous qualifications, including JTAC Instructor. He took part in numerous ground operations, including in Kapisa (Alasaï valley) as a CTA. Currently a captain in civil aviation, he has always cultivated his talent for passing on his knowledge and experience to others. Being patient with his learners and striving for excellence, he is in charge of the company's technical programs.

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